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XDefiant – How to unlock the DeadSec faction during pre-season


To kick off XDefiants pre-season we get four playable-from-the-off factions and one – DeadSec from Watchdogs which needs to be unlocked. There are a couple of ways of doing this, depending on how flush you are feeling, so let’s dig in and see if we can unlock these bad boys for our game with the minimum of fuss and effort

Unlocking DeadSec

As we say there are two methods of unlocking the XDefiant’s pre-season’s fifth faction. The first requires no gaming skills, merely some financial ones. First, sit at your gaming rig and take out your credit card.

Next, purchase DeadSec from the in-game shop for real money. That money will go directly to UbiSoft and you will, in turn get access to the new faction. There, that wasn’t so difficult was it?

Unlocking Deadsec for free

There is a secondary way though that means you don’t need to stump up any hard cash to unlock the DeadSec faction.

To unlock Xdefiant DeadSec without spending a penny is going to take some time. An in-game challenge requires you to get 700k XP before the faction unlocks and you are correct in thinking that sounds a lot. If you are prepared to grind you can do it, but the whole thing just seems as though it is intent on pushing you to the cash option, but at least it can be said when people complain “You can get it for free too”. Yawn.

You gain XP by getting kills and winning matches as well as completing all your objectives, Do that about a million times and you will unlock DeadSec. Hope you like grinding.

You can find out everything you need to know about XDefiant, including what we know about Season 1 which is coming immediately after this little pre-season section, on our detailed page.

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