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XDefiant – All game modes and maps in pre-season


We have a roadmap for XDefiant for the next year and we already know a little bit about what is to come in Season 1 in about six weeks time, but what have we been given to play with as the game launches in its pre-season mode?

You can read about what we know looking forward on our other page, and if you are starting and hellbent on unlocking the DeadSec faction, we have help for you for that too, but what actually do we get to choose from, right here, right now in pre-season? Let’s find out.

All XDefiant Game Modes

We are getting five different modes in XDefiant and Call of Duty fans will know what to expect with some of them at least. This is one of the reasons we think XDefiant will be big, as it will be instantly familiar to a lot of players. Let’s check these modes out.


Sound familiar? It should. It is one of Call of Duty’s most popular game modes. Three points are highlighted on the map and you and your team need to control them, scoring points for the longer you keep them under control. It’s mad, frantic and annoying.

Hot Shot

If you like Kill Confirmed in CoD you will feel right at home here. Every time a player is killed they drop an item that you need to snap up to score the points. In CoD it’s a dog tag. If a member of the opposing team gets the pick up you miss out on the point. Here. the one who gets the most pickups gets branded Hot Shot and will get some stat boosts.


In this mode, you need to escort the robot from one side of the map to the other. If you have played Overwatch you will recognise the mechanic and be familiar with how it all works.


Another mode that will be familiar if you have played any recent Call of Duty. Occupy is basically Hardpoint. Similar in some ways to Domination. We aren’t breaking the boundaries of anything novel here, Occupy will move a location around the map and you need to fight for control of it.

Zone Control

Here you need to occupy all of the zones with your team as you come under attack. Once control of all the zones is under one team another area will open up to fight over.

All XDefiant Game Maps

We are getting 14 maps to start with, some have been designed specifically for this new game, and others tip the hat to previous Ubisoft games. The game was previously known as Tom Clancy’s XDefiant and feature similar maps to other TC games.

The maps here are split into two different categories, Arena and Progression. Arena maps are your standard 6v6 small maps, tight places, and lots of kill points that any Call of Duty player is used to.

Arena maps spread things out a little and provide checkpoints and the like. They aren’t as big as the likes of Invasion but do have a little more room to breathe.

Arena Maps

Attica Heights (Ghost Recon Phantoms)
Dumbo (The Division)
Echelon HQ (Splinter Cell)
Emporium (The Division)
Liberty (The Division 2)
Nudleplex (Watch Dogs 2)
Pueblito (Far Cry 6)

Progression Maps

Times Square (The Division)
Zoo (The Division)

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