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Will there be an XDefiant battle royale?


XDefiant has been brandished the new ‘CoD killer’ with its fine-tuned mechanics that fans for the fast-paced FPS genre have been wanting for some time now.

However, with Call of Duty being a multifaceted affair these days with the introduction of Warzone, many are now wondering if there will be an XDefiant battle royale in the future.

Let’s get into all we know on an XDefiant BR mode.

XDefiant battle royale: Everything we know

At this current time, no, XDefiant does and will not have a battle royale mode. Instead, it will simply be the arena shooter many have been clambering for, with those added unique abilities and factions Ubisoft is known for.

Mark Rubin, the Executive Developer on XDefiant even came out in February 2023 to state that they “are solely focused on making a great and fun arena shooter. No BR.” and will not “moving on to a new game after this”. Since the full title has launched and there has been no correction to this message, it’s safe to say that a battle royale will not be coming.

This may come as a surprise to most since Call of Duty made the jump to the battle royale genre quite smoothly, and has brought more and more people into the franchise because of this. But, Ubisoft compared to Activision and its studios is a very different beast, with its expertise laying in those single-player titles rather than large-scale multiplayer affairs.

However, with this being said, they did have a crack at a battle royale game called Hyper Scape but if you’ve not heard of this, you’re likely not alone. It was innovative and very content creator-friendly but sadly it didn’t have the legs, and quite frankly, The Finals has pretty much taken its place in the market.

With a battle pass to level up and seasons to make your way through, XDefiant does borrow some battle royale features but as of right now, this is as close as you’re going to get to the fan-favorite looting and shooting genre.

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