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Where to find Zeus in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2


With the new season of Fortnite comes some new boss characters, but we have the feeling that not only is Zeus going to be the coolest of the four, but also the most popular, just simply because, well he’s Zeus, isn’t he? Lightning and all that.

Defeating him is worth the rewards you will gain, but first, you have to locate where he is hiding out so give yourself that little extra edge by knowing where to go, because before too long you are not going to be the only one with the same idea!

Where to find Zeus in Fortnite

On our new map page, we talked about the new Points of Interest that Chapter 5 Season 2 has brought with it. One of those is Mount Olympus and it is no huge surprise that this is where the God Zeus likes to hang out – cool coffee shops, good shopping, etc. It’s a cool neighborhood.

Once you have arrived at Mount Olympus hang around until Zeus spawns, hopefully, that will not take too long, or he might already be hanging about if you are really lucky. Approach him and he will attack you.

Zeus’s main attack is with his Thunderbolt mythic weapon, which is what you want for yourself. It packs a decent hit so don’t stand still or out in the open for too long or your game might end quicker than you would like.

Rewards for beating Zeus

Zeus carries two Mythics which means he is very much worth fighting and defeating as getting your paws on these will give you an edge in the Battle for real.

He will drop the Huntress DMR and the Thunderbolt of Zeus – which is the weapon he just tried to destroy you with. Now it is yours to wreak havoc on whoever is left standing in your way.

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