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January 17, 2024
WhatsApp enhances Channels with voice updates, polls, and more admins

WhatsApp is set to enhance user engagement on its platform with significant upgrades to its broadcasting feature, Channels, according to TechCrunch. The popular messaging app is introducing new capabilities such as voice updates, polls, and the addition of more admins to each channel, aiming to boost interaction and convenience for its massive user base.

In a move to enrich the user experience, WhatsApp has announced that channel owners will now be able to send voice updates to their followers. This feature is particularly beneficial for podcasters and content creators who can share audio snippets or teasers directly with their audience. Considering WhatsApp’s staggering statistic of 7 billion voice messages sent daily by its 2 billion users, this update is poised to significantly enhance user engagement.

Furthermore, the introduction of polls to Channels marks a new era of interaction on the platform. Previously, the only way users could engage with channel posts was through emoji reactions. With polls, channel owners can now solicit opinions, conduct surveys, and interact more dynamically with their audience.

WhatsApp update: Expanding features and admin roles

Taking a cue from Instagram’s ability to share posts to Stories, WhatsApp is rolling out a similar feature for Channels. Channel admins can now share updates to their personal WhatsApp Status, the app’s version of Stories. This integration offers a seamless way for admins to inform their personal network about their Channel activities, fostering greater visibility and reach.

Initially launched in Singapore and Colombia in June 2023 and globally in September 2023, WhatsApp’s Channels feature initially allowed only one admin per channel. In a significant update, the Meta-owned company is now expanding this limit to up to 16 admins per channel. Channel owners can invite others to become admins through the “Invite admins” option on the channel description page, enhancing collaborative content management and distribution.

Since its inception, WhatsApp Channels have witnessed rapid growth, with over 500 million people using the feature monthly. This expansion reflects the platform’s commitment to evolving and adapting to user needs, providing tools that facilitate better communication and content sharing.

This latest update from WhatsApp comes on the heels of Telegram’s addition of channel discovery and customization features, including the ability to post channel updates to stories. As messaging apps continue to compete for user attention, these enhancements are crucial for platforms like WhatsApp to maintain their relevance and appeal in an increasingly crowded digital space.

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