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What is XDefiant’s max level cap, and will it increase any time soon?


XDefiant has got off to a flyer and long may the Call of Duty challenger continue to do the business. History tells us however that the path will be a difficult one. CoD, Apex, and Fortnite are the games players return to time and time again. Even Helldivers 2 after an amazing start has seen a huge drop off in player count just a few months after release. Will XDefiant be able to hang on in there over the summer, and if it does, what’s the best level you can hope to achieve?

XDefiant Max Level cap

It’s important to remember that at this stage XDefiant is in what is being called its preseason season. Due to last just six weeks, it gives everybody the opportunity to size things up and see what needs to change from a development perspective, and also a chance for players to think, yes, this might be the real deal.

But how high can you go when it comes to its levels? Level progression is pretty slow to be fair and seems a bit ponderous at this stage in terms of climbing the ranks. The current level max cap seems to be set at 100 which is likely a target many will struggle to reach before we get Season 1 proper.

In some respects, devs can’t win here. Gamers like to blast through levels and then complain that there isn’t enough content, despite playing the game incessantly every waking hour for four days straight.

There is no word as yet on a Prestige system like we find in Call of Duty where once you hit the cap you gain kudos rather than levels – we would imagine it will come, and it may well come in time with the first season. Until then, if you do many to hit the magic century, you are likely to just remain there until the next phase of levelling goes live.

While nobody has mentioned the dreaded possibility of a server, and therefore level reset at the end of the preseason, it remains a possibility, no matter how slim. It would be surprising however as Ubisoft has sold a battle pass with cosmetics (granted not tied to levels) so that would seem a bit weird, but hey – games industry….

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