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January 25, 2024
What is Epic Games Store’s free game this week?

It is Thursday already so that must mean we have another free treat in store courtesy of the Epic Games Store, (which recently gave away so many games last month) and its weekly free game. This week’s offering is something you potentially might have a look at and think you don’t need, but you would be wrong, as it is the bland sounding but lots of fun Infinifactory.

Infinifactory is a sandbox puzzle game by Zachtronics, the creators of SpaceChem and Infiniminer. Build factories that assemble products for your alien overlords, and try not to die in the process.

The factory-building genre, including the daddy of them all Factorio, is hugely popular, and if Factorio is a little bit on the hardcore for you – as amazing as it is – maybe Infinifactory will let you test out the genre for yourself without paying any cash at all, once you have indeed it to you Epic Games account.

It currently sells for around the $25 mark so this is not a super cheap game, so make sure you grab it before it vanishes from the Free aisle next Thursday.

If you need a little more information, here is some from the game’s store page.

Design and run factories in a first-person, fully 3D environment.
Optimize your solutions, and then optimize them more when you see how much better your friends did.
Explore a story-driven campaign with 50+ puzzles, audio logs, and more.
Go beyond the campaign and push the limits of Infinifactory’s next-generation block engine in the sandbox.

Infinifactory gets Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam where it still sells for over $20 some eight years since it was released back in 2015, so pick it up for free and give it a go and get that old grey matter working for once!

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