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We’re changing – for the better! 

Changing the visual identity of Świat Baterii is an important step and a big event for us. We care about consistency at every level of communication, so the new logo emphasizes the values we follow daily. Learn more about our rebranding!

Rechargeable batteries – always 100%

We are aware of the pace at which the world is changing – including the digital one. We all want to always be up to date and keep up with advancements. It is by choice if we are offline, not because of discharged batteries.

That’s why we provide you with solutions that will always charge the batteries on your devices. And you can use them however you want – to work, contact your loved ones, and develop your passions.


We want to be associated with energy. After all, we have been happy to share it for years, providing solutions for energy storage and powering devices. But Świat Baterii is also people. People who care about your positive brand experience and those who build our community. We know that we can make improvements and respond to your needs thanks to the energy. That’s where it all starts!


We often talk about how important it is to repair devices instead of throwing them away and buying new ones. A simple replacement of the battery can give the laptop a second life – the refreshed device will serve for a long time. Such action has a real impact on improving the condition of the environment and reducing the amount of electrical waste. Therefore, we will emphasize repair, do not throw away.

Always with access to energy

Independence and mobility are values that are becoming increasingly important. We understand this, so we provide solutions that will free you from cables and restrictions. Gain freedom – act in your way, wherever you want!

You and your experiences

The most important thing remains unchanged – in Świat Baterii you are the priority. We want your experience with our brand to always be positive – at every level of contact. Thank you for being with us – thanks to you, we have the energy to act! 

We hope that with new visual identification, our brand will become more consistent, and the values which are the most important for us will sound even louder. Let us know what you think about the changes in Świat Baterii! 

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