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January 11, 2024
War Hospital launches and brings horrors of The Great War with it

While the likes of Call of Duty have taken the horrors of war and turned it into a a series of knee slides and microtransactions there are some more historically focused games that deep down actually can alarm you when you play them.

Classics such as This War of Mine took a fictional conflict vaguely somewhere in Eastern Europe and set you as an ordinary survivor just trying to eke out a life on a day-to-day basis, worrying about a lack of water and food and even looters. Games like this you couldn’t fail to not “enjoy” playing them, such was the seriousness of the subject matter.

Gamifying war is no easy task, especially huge complex battlegrounds such as the theaters in World War I – the Great War. The slog of trench warfare and the meat-grinder of unthinkable troop loss is not a laugh by any method you choose to measure it by.

Well Nacon, whose head of publishing recently said that there were simply too many games out there for people to find, unless you have a niche has certainly gone for one in today’s release of War Hospital – a game that puts you in charge of a field hospital just behind the front line somewhere in Northern France in WW1. Your task is to patch up the soldiers as best you can, choose who lives and who dies with your dwindling supplies, and try and get your guys back on the battlefield, hoping that the shellshock doesn’t get them before the Germans.

If that doesn’t sound like a giggle, it’s not supposed to be as the game brings the horrors of splintered bones and the effects of chlorine gas onto your operating table. We will be looking at War Hospital in more detail over the coming days and will bring you a full review soon.

War Hospital is available on Steam priced at $24.99/£22.49. It is also available on Epic Game Store, Xbox and PlayStation.

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