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December 15, 2023
ViewStats: YouTube megastar MrBeast launches new analytics platform

Jimmy Doladson, also known as MrBeast, the most-subscribed YouTuber in America, has launched a new YouTube analytics platform alongside creator Chucky Appleby. ViewStats is currently available in beta.

In the world of content creation, MrBeast is known for his attention to detail, even going so far as to A/B test whether mouth-open or mouth-closed thumbnails work best. One of the goals Donaldson and Appleby have for ViewStats is to enable other creators to approach their content in a more analytical, data-driven way, according to an interview in TubeFilter. They want it to be so useful that creators check it daily.

What information does ViewStats have?

ViewStats uses the YouTube public API to serve data to users on a clean, simple interface. Search for a channel and you will see a range of information, from simple metrics such as the number of subscribers and views a channel has, to estimated revenue for the time period.

You can also drill down into the data and view per-video statistics such as views per hour and video revenue. The site also shows projections for future performance and growth. Each channel page has a section where users can find other similar channels, ranked by “similarity score”, which could be a very useful tool for viewers and channel discoverability.

As well as a website, users can install a Chrome extension to use the tool.

What features will be added in the future?

Speaking to TubeFilter, Appleby said, “We realized that we should create a data site to help people understand their analytics, to make it easier to make better video ideas,” adding, “[Jimmy and I] are obsessed with content. And our approach was to say, ‘We are only going to add features that we know actually affect the performance of a YouTube video.’”

So far, they plan on adding “tools that help with ideation and thumbnail design” to ViewStats. These are expected to come in the next few months. Appleby said that the tools will resemble some of the tools that the MrBeast team uses to ensure his videos are performing as expected. “There’s so much more that we’re going to be building,” Appleby told Tubefilter.

It is currently unclear how ViewStats plans on monetizing its platform. Other similar tools offer a free tier and a premium tier which includes additional information. They have also not ruled out on-site advertising. It is also not known at this time how the tool will handle data generated by tools like YouTube’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated summaries.

Featured Image: NickRewind, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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