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January 26, 2024
Ubisoft unveils Skull and Bones beta test dates and roadmap

Regular readers of our gaming coverage will know we are excited about Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones here at Readwrite. We had it as one of the games we were most looking forward to at the turn of the year, and now it is finally on the horizon, nothing has happened to dampen that level of enthusiasm.

Now Ubisoft has announced in a new dev blog that an open beta will take place between 8-11 February and you will be able to join in the fun via the Epic Game Store (with Ubisoft Connect) and on the Xbox and the PS5. The game will be crossplay between all platforms and you will be able to download it in advance via a pre-load option from February 6th.

More good news (although slightly unusual too) is that the servers will not be wiped after the beta and that any progressions you make here will carry over to the actual game when it launches later on in February.

Skull and Bones Open Beta information

Access: open to everyone

Platforms: PC (Ubisoft Connect & Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox series X|S

Preload: 6th February 2024, 1AM (PT) / 6th February 2024, 10AM (CET) / 6th February 2024, 8PM (AET)

Start: 7th February 2024, 6PM (PT) / 8th February 2024, 3AM (CET) / 8th February 2024, 1PM (AET)

End: 11th February 2024, 3PM (PT) / 12th February 2024, 12AM (CET) / 12th February 2024, 10AM (AET)

Infamy Cap: Tier 6 Rank 1 | Brigand

Cross-progression & Cross-play enabled.

Progression carried over at launch.

How to play the Skul and Bones Open Beta

Once the beta goes live, if you are playing on PC you will find it under the Free Games section of the Epic Games Store.

Xbox and PS5 owners will have to search for Skull and Bones in their respective online stores.

Where is the Skull and Bones Open Beta set?

Located within the Red Isle is the pirate den of Sainte-Anne. This Den is a safe zone where you can interact with other players, craft your ships, weapons, and equipmen. You’ll be able to access your warehouse to store loot, repair your ship, sell the commodities you liberated from rich merchants, and more says Ubisoft.

Skull and Bones Year 1 Roadmap

Ubisoft also released a video highlighting some of the things we can expect during Year 1 of the game.

We can’t wait.

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