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October 21, 2023
Twitter confirms upcoming ad-supported and ad-free premium options

Twitter is poised to roll out multiple new subscription tiers in the coming weeks, according to owner Elon Musk. The move aims to boost revenue amid reports of declining ad sales since Musk’s takeover.

Two Premium Options

In an Oct. 20 tweet, Musk confirmed that Twitter will offer two new premium subscription levels beyond its existing $8 per month Twitter Blue service.

One lower-priced option will retain ads while providing other perks. A more expensive ad-free tier will remove all advertisements. Musk did not reveal pricing details.

This aligns with findings from app researcher Aaronp613, who uncovered code referring to three subscription levels dubbed Twitter Blue, Twitter Blue Plus, and Twitter Gold. It also echoes a Bloomberg report of Twitter testing multiple paid tiers.

Musk’s confirmation comes as other social networks explore ad-free options. Meta is reportedly considering an ad-free tier for Facebook and Instagram in response to an EU ruling. TikTok also just launched a pilot ad-free subscription.

Attracting Advertisers

The move aims to diversify revenue as Twitter struggles to woo back advertisers. According to Reuters, ad income has plummeted since Musk took over.

New sales chief Linda Yaccarino is working to attract advertisers by sharing metrics like 245 million daily active users and 500 million daily posts.

Still, many brands paused spending over content moderation concerns. Musk’s mass layoffs also impacted the sales team.

Testing the Waters

Twitter is experimenting with subscription offerings beyond the upcoming tiers. Last week, it rolled out a $1 per year tier in the Philippines and New Zealand focused on identity verification.

According to Twitter, reducing bots and spam accounts took priority over revenue. However testing cheap access could expand its reach in emerging markets to eventually convert users to paid subscribers.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Brett Jordan; Pexels; Thank you!

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