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November 30, 2023
Threads globalizes keyword search, takes aim at Twitter

Threads, Meta Inc.’s emerging rival to Twitter, has expanded its keyword search feature to all markets where the app is currently available, according to a Nov. 30 TechCrunch report. The move signals Threads’ increasing competitiveness with Twitter as it aims to serve a global audience.

Initially tested in English-speaking countries, including Australia and New Zealand, in August, a keyword search was rolled out to most English- and Spanish-speaking markets in September. Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced this week that search now supports “all languages” on Threads.

With the feature now broadly available, Threads becomes far more useful to its nearly 100 million monthly active users worldwide. Keyword search allows users to quickly find relevant content instead of relying solely on an algorithmic feed.

Threads is launching in the E.U

The news comes as Threads reportedly nears launch in the E.U., one of its few remaining untapped major markets. Citing sources familiar with the plans, The Wall Street Journal states Threads may debut a view-only mode in Europe, allowing users to read posts without an account.

Offering keyword search before entering the E.U. would prime Threads to serve users across the region’s array of languages immediately. But the global availability also caters to the over 100 countries where Threads already operates.

Threads has raced to match Twitter’s core features through continuous updates based on user feedback. In recent months, the app added a chronological feed, web access, polls, hashtag support, profile switching, and more.

However, Threads lacks Twitter’s mainstay Trending Topics feature for real-time news discovery. Instagram head Mosseri affirmed Threads does not emphasize amplifying breaking news like Twitter. Yet an influx of former Twitter users may influence the app’s path forward.

With keyword search reaching full global capacity, Mosseri says more search improvements are imminent. Threads still blocks select search terms, for now, pointing to CDC websites on sensitive topics.

The ambitious growth of Threads parallels mounting competition from Twitter, newly under the helm of Elon Musk. While Twitter currently touts nearly 550 million monthly active users, Threads has room to expand as it launches across Europe and other regions dominated by Twitter. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg projects Threads may one day amass a billion users, framing the app as Meta’s next potential breakout hit.

Featured Image Credit: The Threads Logo

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