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This how to play Minecraft in Google for its 15 year anniversary


As the top-grossing video game of all time celebrates its 15th anniversary, Google is sharing the love as they’ve enabled an interactive game option when you search the word ‘Minecraft’.

While the game is already playable on computers, consoles, and mobile phones, the added platform of Google search gives fans another opportunity to delve into the world.

Originally released in 2009, Minecraft is a classic sandbox game and is made up of blocks, creatures, and communities. The creators have sold over 300 million copies across different platforms, making it the most-sold and top-grossing game in the world.

The new Google version gives a quick insight into the 15-year-old game and all begins when you search ‘Minecraft.’ From there, you’ll see a small grass block icon appear at the bottom of the screen.

Click the icon and it’ll instantly turn into a pickaxe. Then, simply get clicking. As you click through the page, you’ll uncover different Minecraft vignettes and be able to break through as many items as possible.

It’s not as nuanced as the normal gameplay, but it’s definitely a fun added feature as a nod to the anniversary.

Minecraft celebrates 15 years of gaming

Google’s latest approach isn’t the first sign of anniversary celebrations, as Minecraft has been going full-out with highlighting the game’s birthday too.

From May 15 to May 29, the team has created a ‘15 Days of Minecraft’ where different Character Creator items have been up for grabs for free. With this, players can find a gift each day in the Bedrock Marketplace.

A free map has also been created and there are party add-ons for anyone wanting to join in the fun. So gamers can get all the supplies they need like balloons, banners, and even a birthday cake complete with candles.

Other elements like sales and rewards have been launched too as the developers promise consecutive days of surprises to honor the game turning 15.

Featured Image: Photo by Oberon Copeland on Unsplash

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