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January 29, 2024
The Sims 4 may be coming to Nintendo Switch

With the number of people who have played The Sims 4 being announced at a staggering 70 million by Electronic Arts last, there is one last group of gamers who have not played it that we know of, and that is Nintendo Switch owners.

As yet The Sims 4 has never made it to Nintendo’s all-conquering console, surely in part by the fact you need a decent quality machine to be able to play it on the PC, so it’s always been assumed that the little old Switch and it’s quaint, not-so-powerful tech would have no chance.

Well, that still may be the case, but a user on X has spotted that EA now lists the Nintendo Switch as a platform for The Sims 4. Now this is obviously a mistake as you cannot, certainly as yet, play on the Switch, but could it indicate that the game is coming to either the Switch we know and love, or even the much-rumored Switch 2 towards the end of the year?

Take this with a pinch of salt, but EA is now listing the Nintendo Switch as a platform where you can play @TheSims 4 on. This could just be an info mistake but it could also be announced officially.

— The Henford Hen (@TheHenfordHen) January 29, 2024

Then there is the question of the plethora of DLC that the main version has built up over the years. How would that work on the Switch, not to mention that EA made the game free to play for all new players In 2022 – a factor that is heavily credited with making it the most played game in the Sims franchise with the 70 million players we mentioned earlier.

If the game is coming and it is penciled in for the existing hardware it could be a slimmed-down version of sorts. The Switch got Mortal Kombat 1 after all and that looked like a totally different game compared to its next-gen counterparts.

If it can make it work, The Sims 4 to Switch feels like a perfect match that would fit the console’s demographic perfectly. 

But it seems a long way off at this point. It still seems very unlikely.

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