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Tesla Megapack battery project proposed in Mount Sinai


A battery energy storage system (BESS) backed by Tesla Megapacks was proposed on Mount Sinai in New York this week, though some people from the local community have expressed opposition to the proposal.

Earlier this month, New Leaf Energy proposed an 80 MWh battery project in Mount Sinai to the Mount Sinai Civic Association, featuring 24 Tesla Megapacks or enough to power 16,000 homes, as reported by TBR News Media over the weekend.

The proposed site is near the junction between Mount Sinai-Coram Road and Route 25A in Brookhaven, New York, though as many as 70 to 80 percent of attendees at the May 6 meeting were opposed to the project, according to association President Brad Arrington.

“I think most people are concerned about the safety around BESS,” said Arrington. “They are worried about proximity to lithium and they are worried about fires. People are rightly concerned about that.”

Locals also brought forward a petition against the proposal, citing safety concerns as a reason that the project shouldn’t be approved. However, New Leaf Energy noted that it has many safety measures in place to mitigate fire risk and keep potential fires contained.

In addition, the company highlighted Megapacks’ thermal management system and remote and on-site monitoring systems during its presentation at the meeting.

According to Arrington, the Mount Sinai Fire Department appeared to be “satisfied with the information they were provided,” and they didn’t share “significant concerns around safety.”

The site is also zoned for transitional business, and New Leaf Energy has proposed changing its status to a light industrial site. Arrington also says he expects a vote on the proposal to take place in the fall, with operations estimated to begin in summer 2027, if approved. You can see the presentation slides from the meeting here.


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