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October 17, 2023
Tesla CyberBeer the limited edition surprise release

We know that Elon Musk makes the Tesla, the rocket ships, and — talks about his X — but now he has dipped his toe into beer making. This beer, brewed by Buzzrock Brewing of California, is close to his Tesla showroom. Buzzrock Brewing Co. has successfully experimented with blending technology and brewing techniques to create the CyberBeer.

Tesla unexpectedly added a unique item unrelated to electric vehicles to its online store – the CyberBeer. Available as a “Limited Edition,” Tesla’s CyberBeer is priced at $150 and comes as a set that includes two beer bottles and a couple of “matte black ceramic beer steins.” The CyberBeer’s release took fans by surprise, creating a frenzy on social media as Tesla enthusiasts and collectors scrambled to secure their own sets. This latest novelty from Elon Musk’s innovative company truly reflects the brand’s continuous push for unconventional thinking and market-disrupting products.

Today, the CyberBeer sold out.

CyberBeer is a great name, though not as good as his 2020 beverage, Tesla Tequila, which was $250 a bottle. The resale of Tesla Tequila goes for about $900.

The design of both the bottles and steins reflects the “angular exoskeleton” aesthetic of Tesla’s electric SUV. This unique design element showcases their brand identity and adds a modern and innovative touch to the drinkware. Additionally, using high-quality materials ensures that the bottles and steins are both durable and user-friendly, echoing the reliability of Tesla’s electric SUV.

CyberBeer’s unique flavor profile

Characterized as a “Helles Lager featuring European Noble Hops Saaz and Hallertau Mittlefruh,” the CyberBeer presents herbal and spicy flavors, accompanied by tea and citrus-scented aromas. The unique blend harmoniously balances the malt profile with the distinctive yet subtle hop bitterness, resulting in a highly drinkable and satisfying beer. Perfect for any occasion, CyberBeer is a delightful beverage for those seeking a traditional European-style lager with a modern twist.

Featured Image Credit: ELEVATE; Pexels; Thank you!

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