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January 17, 2024
Steam Deck 2 – rumored specs leak – any truth?

If its not leaks about the Nintendo Switch 2 or the PlayStation 5 Pro, now we are getting them for a potential Steam Deck 2.

The Steam Deck has been a huge success for Valve with people finally ready to jump onto a mobile PC gaming device in droves. Even though it is not that old, it is beginning to show signs of age when attempting to play many newer games, so it is no surprise that word of a version 2, or at very least a refresh could be on the horizon.

Chinese forum is where this one has emerged from (already you might want to at least have a pinch of salt ready at hand) but we are potentially looking at an OLED display running at 900[ and 90Hz.

The innards, if any of this is close to being true will be a custom APU, again manufactured by AMD featuring 6 cores.

When will Steam Deck 2 be released?

And the news everybody is really after? A release date? Well, the post is suggesting (and you can read more on Reddit from u/LolcatP, is that we could be waiting as long as Q3-Q4 of 2026 before we see it.

No news on a price yet but the post goes on to speculate it could be around the $600 seeing as the higher-priced Steam Decks proved popular among buyers.

Even if any of this is true, there is still a long enough time period for specs to change anyway. A lot can happen in over two years in this industry. These could be an initial indication of ideal specs as based on predictions, but in two years time, we might be expecting to see that screen a little higher up the food chain. Whatever happens, Valve knows its stuff, and it’s pretty much a certainty that when the Steam Deck 2 does show up for pre-order, it will sell out immediately.

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