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November 29, 2023
Spotify gets creative with Spotify Wrapped 2023 listening stats

Music streaming service Spotify has released its annual personalized Spotify Wrapped experience for its 574 million users. This year’s Wrapped offers some fun new features to explore users’ listening data from 2022.

The main addition is a new system that assigns each listener to a particular “sound town” based on their genre preferences. For example, fans of upbeat, poppy music may find themselves assigned to “Electropolis,” while more indie-leaning listeners could get matched with “Acousticana.” These sound towns are meant to connect listeners with similar tastes.

Wrapped 2022 also includes specific “listening personalities,” with names like The Luminary, The Alchemist, and The Connoisseur. You’ll be matched with one based on your listening habits — whether you make many playlists, prefer sad songs, or listen to various genres.

Beyond the new sound towns and listening personalities, Spotify has added more metrics for fans to analyze. Your top five artists show the month you listened to each the most. And your top genres are visualized as “genre sandwiches,” with the biggest slices going to your most-streamed genres.

Artists and podcasters also get their own personalized Wrapped roundups this year. These summaries include stats on each creator’s most popular content in 2022.

Spotify goes live

In addition to the expanded listening insights, Spotify is launching Wrapped listening parties. A selection of popular artists will host online gatherings where they walk fans through their own Wrapped stats and play their top songs from 2022. The AI DJ feature introduced by Spotify this year will also make an appearance in Wrapped. It will offer audio commentary about listeners’ favorite artists, songs, and genres.

Spotify Wrapped aims to showcase not just users’ listening data, but also the joy of music discovery. With new features like sound towns, genre sandwiches, and listening parties, this year’s experience may be Spotify’s most creative yet.

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