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December 18, 2023
SaxaVord spaceport secures license for rocket launches

The SaxaVord spaceport in the Shetland Islands is the first establishment in Western Europe to obtain a license for vertical rocket launches. Following a three-year evaluation, the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority granted the license, permitting 30 launches per year beginning in 2024. The spaceport’s strategic location in the Shetland Islands offers a unique vantage point for accessing polar and sun-synchronous orbits, making it highly attractive to satellite launch companies and their clients. SaxaVord’s development is poised to propel the UK into the competitive space industry, creating opportunities for economic growth, critical infrastructure advancements, and enhanced national security.

The spaceport is located on the Scottish island of Unst. It provides a clear, unhindered pathway to polar and sun-synchronous orbits, rendering it a suitable and secure location for sending payloads into space. This strategic position offers numerous advantages for satellite launches, potentially bolstering the United Kingdom’s ability to access and utilize space technologies. Furthermore, establishing the spaceport on Unst will contribute significantly to the local economy, creating jobs and promoting STEM research in the region.

Investments and partnerships

Private investors have put nearly £30 million into the spaceport’s development. This substantial investment signifies the growing interest and confidence in the space industry’s potential. The funds will be utilized to construct essential infrastructure and facilities, paving the way for commercial space travel and satellite launches at the spaceport.

Companies like Rocket Factory Augsburg, Lockheed Martin, Skyrora, and HyImpulse are already lining up to launch from the site. These companies recognize the strategic importance of the Shetland Space Centre, as it provides unique access to Polar and sun-synchronous orbits. The facility’s comprehensive services and advantageous location make it an attractive choice for satellite launches and other space missions.

A historic milestone

Similarly, SaxaVord co-owner Frank Strang referred to it as a “historic” milestone for the UK. Scottish Innovation Minister Richard Lochhead praised the license as a “new era for apace in Scotland.” This groundbreaking achievement marks the beginning of a new era for the nation’s space endeavors, propelling the UK into the forefront of the global space industry. The successful launch instills a sense of pride and innovation among the citizens and promises numerous opportunities for growth and collaboration in the rapidly expanding sector.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Edvin Richardson; Pexels

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