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Robust Influencer Support Triggers 700% Rise in BlockDAG’s Presale Attracting Dogecoin Whales Over Dogwifhat Price


Opportunities and challenges abound in the cryptosphere. A mysterious Dogecoin Whale transfer raised eyebrows in the crypto community, potentially triggering a sell signal for the coin, whereas Dogwifhat price prediction sails in more or less stable waters. 

But what crypto influencers are raving about the most is BlockDAG. The coin has been seeing a massive surge in presale figures after influencers like Crypto Jogi unraveled its advanced technology and profit potential. Starting at $0.001 per coin in its batch 1 presale, BlockDAG’s powerful roadmap has fast-tracked the crypto’s goal to hit $1 per coin this year. 

Mystery Behind Recent Dogecoin Whale Transfer

Observers across the crypto horizon recently noticed a massive Dogecoin whale transfer of 400,000,000 DOGE coins. The transaction, amounting to about $62 million, was made to Robinhood, a crypto platform currently combating legal action from the SEC. Such a transaction often triggers a sell signal, with traders oscillating their bets towards a downtrend. 

This whale activity could potentially pull Dogecoin out of the “best meme coins to invest in” list. But DOGE’s price has displayed an impressive 100% growth since last year, managing to stay smoothly afloat despite rugged market volatility. Dogecoin enthusiasts continue to bet on a bullish run this year.

Dogwifhat Price Prediction: Surge or Decline?

For the most part, the Dogwifhat price prediction has been oscillating between $3 and $3.10 until a recent surge to $3.33. These patterns have left many wondering whether the token will surge in the coming days or sink further. Some technical indicators reveal bullish signals for the coins. 

On the other hand, WIF’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) score reveals a neutral signal, with the sale and purchase of the coin being relatively balanced. The coin currently enjoys relative stability, with no signs of over-selling or over-buying.

Influencers Hint at BlockDAG’s 30,000x Fold ROI Potential

BlockDAG has been dazzling on the crypto stage since its presale began four months ago. Those who participated in BlockDAG’s batch 1 presale have seen their investments surge 650% by the end of batch 12. The crypto is now in its 13th presale batch, trading at $0.008 per BDAG coin. One of the many forces behind BlockDAG’s roaring presale success is strong backing from popular crypto influencers. BlockDAG has raised over $28.5 million from the sale of over 9.2 billion BDAG coins.

YouTube influencer Crypto Jogi, a favorite of crypto enthusiasts across the globe rolled out an insightfully-packed video, heralding BlockDAG as the most advanced Layer 1 blockchain. Noting BlockDAG’s deployment of a cutting-edge proof-of-work algorithm, the influencer commends the crypto’s industry-leading speed, robust security, and advanced DeFi protocols. 

He also discusses BlockDAG’s ability to make mining accessible to everyone through low-code/no-code systems. Highlighting BlockDAG’s powerful marketing strategies, community-building initiatives, and a knowledge-packed technical whitepaper, Crypto Jogi further uncovers BlockDAG’s ability to bring long-term sustainable profits for investors and developers. 

BlockDAG’s comprehensive roadmap, on the other hand, details ambitious goals to become the most scalable, secure, and sustainable crypto platform. This roadmap unfolds meticulously across various stages. The launch phase focuses on deploying smart contracts, setting the initial value of the coin, and kickstarting ambitious marketing efforts. 

The development phase focuses on conducting extensive market research, creating a profitable yet sustainable presale journey, and forging strategic partnerships. The Pre-Launch phase is all about securing investments and edging closer to the mainnet launch. The final phase involves concluding the presale, preparing for mining operations, and finalizing investment details. The detailed milestones in the roadmap highlight marketing initiatives and technological advancements designed to boost investor confidence and achieve a neat 30,000-fold ROI by 2030.

A Final Word 

With Dogecoin and Dogwifhat oscillating between “slow growth” and “no growth” scenarios, it’s time for investors to shift their focus to something more promising. BlockDAG’s groundbreaking innovations and solid influencer endorsements paint an ultra-successful presale story. 

Crypto saw an impressive boost in investors right after influencers like Crypto Jogi detailed the platform’s powerful capabilities and profit potential. With early investors already seeing a price surge of 700% in less than four months, BlockDAG inches closer to unlocking a 30,000x ROI potential by 2030!

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