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January 17, 2024
Return of historic war game B-17 and publisher Microprose after decades away from the keyboard

If you have been around computer gaming since the days of the Atari ST and the Commodore Amiga, or even earlier you are duty-bound to have heard of MicroProse.The simulation kings of the 1990s brought in-depth thinking simulations to computers in the days when they could barely handle them. If you wonder how NASA managed to get to the moon in the 20th Century but can’t now, well the same theory applies here.

Going back two or so years plans emerged for MicroProse to reappear after a 20-year hiatus, and even better news, it planned to remake some of its old classic games, as well as create a new series of IPs.

Well, the first of those classics B-17 Flying Fortress – The Bloody 100th is set to hit Steam in Early Access at the end of the week and we even have a new trailer to celebrate.

Taking place in the skies high over France and Germany you take control of the crew and the whole mission of a B-17 Bomber, and that includes dodging the flak. So while in the air, this isn’t wholely a flight simulator such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, which is eagerly on the wish list of many virtual pilots.

In the words of the game’s blurb, you will need to, “Manage and take control of the 10-man crew of a B-17 Flying Fortress as they attempt to complete 25 harrowing missions inspired by the real-life battles of The Bloody 100th Bomber group.”

To do so you will go through the entire process that the brave flyers would have done during World War II including attending briefings and even walking to your aircraft with the rest of your crew. Bombing runs are unique in that you need to both get there, hit your targets, and get back in one piece, and if you have ever seen the movie Memphis Belle, well it’s not that easy.

We are really hoping MicroProse can pull this off. The gaming space is very different these days and there will be no dog’s speedrunning this one.

More when we see the game for real.

Featured Image: MicroProse

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