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November 30, 2023
Raw iGaming Partners with Digitain

Online slots developer Raw iGaming has formed an important strategic partnership with iGaming platform Digitain in an effort to improve the distribution and accessibility of Raw iGaming’s catalog of slot titles to operators using Digitain’s platform.

According to a recent Gambling Insider report, the collaboration aims to leverage the reach of Digitain’s platform to expose Raw iGaming’s uniquely entertaining slot titles to more operators globally. Digitain provides an iGaming platform that operators can use to efficiently roll out an online casino offering, handling technical integrations and enabling easy access to content from top developers.

By making its titles readily available on Digitain’s platform, Raw iGaming is looking to get its games in front of more potential operational partners who can choose to offer the slots to their own player bases.

Raw iGaming will distribute some popular titles through Digitain

Some of Raw iGaming’s most popular titles that will now be distributable through Digitain include Ave Caesar, Raging Super2Ways, and the newly launched Twisted Toy Tales. These slots are designed to captivate players with features like SuperSlice, SuperTracks, and SuperSymbols.

From Raw iGaming

SuperSlice uses spinning wheels instead of traditional slot reels. SuperTracks incorporates visible pathways showing potential wins, and SuperSymbols allow adjacent matching symbols to combine into larger symbol groups for more significant win possibilities. The idea behind these innovations is to provide something fresh and unexpected while still being easy for players to understand.

Providing new experiences

“Players like to try new things, but they are not willing to spend time and money learning something entirely new,” explained Raw iGaming Founder and CEO Tom Wood. “They want to play, and they want to be entertained, and we ensure that’s the case when they engage with any one of our titles.” Wood believes the Digitain integration significantly widens access and “significantly increases the reach of our games among operators as well as challenger brands looking for something new.”

The Digitain deal builds on Raw iGaming’s recent strategic efforts to grow its distribution footprint, including a partnership with Videoslots in the newly regulated Ontario igaming market, deals with First Look Games and NetBet Italy in Europe, and market expansion into the burgeoning United States online casino vertical.

Featured Image Credit: Logos of two iGaming Platforms, Raw iGaming and Digitain; Thank you!

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