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October 24, 2023
Qualcomm overcoming challenges for growth

Qualcomm, a prominent figure in the telecommunications sector, has faced numerous challenges throughout its history. Despite overcoming early resistance to its CDMA technology, the company has adopted certain practices that could potentially hinder its growth and vital partnerships. Nonetheless, Qualcomm continues to demonstrate resilience and adaptability in an ever-changing industry. By identifying and rectifying these hindrances, the company has the potential to strengthen its relationships and further solidify its position as an industry leader.

Qualcomm faces conflicts with its biggest client, disputes with Arm, and a series of international regulatory inquiries. While maintaining functional partnerships with Meta and Microsoft, connections with other significant technology companies remain limited, and even existing collaborations carry their own set of difficulties. Despite these challenges, Qualcomm forges ahead in developing innovative technologies and expanding its reach within the rapidly evolving tech industry. As the company navigates these complex situations, its focus on improving communication and collaboration with key partners will be crucial in maintaining stability and achieving long-term success.

Qualcomm’s reputation for being uncooperative could impede partnerships and growth

A significant obstacle hindering Qualcomm’s growth and collaboration is its perceived arrogance, seen in tense relationships between Qualcomm and Google regarding pricing and collaboration on the Pixel phone. While Qualcomm might not be more arrogant than its competitors — this reputation could impede possible partnerships. To overcome this challenge, Qualcomm must adopt a more humble and cooperative approach when dealing with potential collaborators in the technology industry. By prioritizing open dialogue and mutual understanding, the company can work to improve its image and foster strong, symbiotic relationships that benefit all parties involved.

Critics have often targeted Qualcomm’s organizational structure, which only recently established an appropriate sales department. Qualcomm has overlooked chances to develop strategic relationships with key players like Apple, Samsung, Meta, Microsoft, Xiaomi, BBK Group, and Google by concentrating solely on supply agreements and specific design wins. This oversight has likely hindered Qualcomm’s potential for growth and expansion in the competitive tech industry. Qualcomm must prioritize relationship-building and collaboration with these leading companies to address this issue and foster stronger partnerships.

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