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January 24, 2024
PS5 update: Latest firmware release brings new features

Sony has launched a new software update for its PlayStation 5 console with its patch notes listing an added parties feature.

As reported by Video Gamer, the system upgrade patch notes for PS5 update 24.01–9.60.00 also include improvements to the PULSE Elite wireless headset.

Added features for latest PS5 update

The full patch notes for the PS5 system software update 24.01-08.60.00 detailed the new feature in Parties, where you can view the tab to see the list of parties you have joined in the past. Users can instantly restart a party by selecting it from the Recent list.

As stated, there are also updates for PULSE Elite headsets and earbuds, with a sound equalizer feature added as well as a sidetone facility, allowing users an easier experience to hear their voice in chats although how popular that will be, remains to be seen.

A notification will now be given when another PULSE headset or earbuds is in use nearby to allow for quicker connectivity. It will also allow a connection to be switched from PC to PS5.

Sony has improved the system software performance and stability for the PS5 as well as an improved message interface on some screens.

At just 1.18GB, this update is not a massive, nor a particularly significant one but it will be of use to many with the additional Parties feature likely to be well received.

Japanese conglomerate Sony released the first generation PlayStation console in its home market in 1994 and the global launch the following year was the catalyst for the landmark achievement of becoming the first console of any kind to ship 100 million units.

In the year of the 30th anniversary of PlayStation, the PS5 is the brand’s flagship product, just over three years since it was released on the market. As of November 2023, it was reported to have shipped 46.6 million units worldwide.

The full list of features in the latest update are:

In the Parties tab, you can now see the list of parties you’ve joined in the past. You can easily restart a party just by selecting it from the Recent list.
We’ve updated the device software for PULSE Explore wireless earbuds.
You can now use the sound equalizer feature.
You can now use the sidetone feature, which makes it easier for you to hear your own voice in voice chats.
When you have PULSE Explore wireless earbuds nearby, a notification will now appear to let you connect to them quickly. You can now easily switch the connection from your PC to your PS5 through this notification.
We’ve improved system software performance and stability.
We’ve improved the messages and usability on some screens.

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