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October 3, 2023
PMaps Pre-employment Assessment Tool to the Rescue

Did you know? Only 39% of your employee’s time is spent doing the task they were hired for. You might contradict this finding with “It’s not the hours they work but the quality of delivery.” Sure, it is. And that gives you even more reasons to hire mindfully. We know what you are looking for… it’s the ‘BEST’ candidate to fit your company and fill your job roles.

You cannot compromise while choosing employees for your organization, so why take a risk with traditional hiring practices? This time, let’s approach your hiring problem with small but not-so-ordinary steps. Adopt a hiring process that permanently resolves your hiring headache.

Adios to the Hiring Hustle: A Pre-Employment Test at Your Service

HR technologies are undoubtedly the most valuable assets for the human resource department globally. They provide a helping hand to managers amidst their hectic schedules. They also support informed decision-making and enable increased productivity by management.

One such tool is a pre-employment test, which you may have already encountered. The birth of online assessments can be attributed to several factors, such as the need to access remote candidate pools, reducing the cost of the evaluation, and, ultimately, streamlining the process of recruitment. But, why is this your ultimate solution?

Unleashing the True Powers of Pre-employment Tests

The reports computed by these AI-based tests are much more reliable and accurate than any traditional methods of assessing candidates can ever be. The pre-employment assessments are architectured on the foundation of several machine learning techniques. Therefore, they operate faster than human abilities and automate data collection and processing with singular accuracy.

Guess what’s even better?

It also reduces the chances of hiring biases while making the hiring process smooth and highly efficient. Not to mention the conservation of enormous time and cost that might have otherwise been spent for no purpose. Moreover, once you choose the right tools for assessing your talent pool, it’s a ‘game over’ for your competitors!

This is exactly where PMaps enters the picture. We guide global organizations and their leaders to continually find the perfect candidates. With each round of hiring, we ensure you grab the best talent while working in your comfort zone.

Let’s Find Solutions to Your Hiring Problems Together

The demand for exceptional expertise and soft skills is hitting unprecedented heights in the job market. With growing competition for hiring the right talent, many difficult situations arise for several companies. Understand the unique requirements of each client organization and develop assessments that prioritize their specific hiring concerns. But before we find the right tools for your firm, we must look into your recruitment priorities.

Have you sorted out your recruitment priorities yet?

To help you, we have put out a few general priorities of recruiters as per the human resource director in 2020. They are:

Improving the quality of hire (52%)
Increasing retention rate (24%)
Improving time-to-hire (23%)
Growing talent pipeline (22%)
Increasing Diversity hiring (22%)

We hope you have your priorities sorted by now. Now, let’s start to prioritize filling the gap between your current onboarding methods and the possible hiring trends that you need to adapt to. We understand that many factors could influence your choice of pre-employment assessment tools. It may be the difference in hiring practices and the cultural roots of your organization. Or your target market for candidates.

The one thing we realized after serving 1000+ clients is that customization plays a vital role in building the correct pre-hire assessments. Hence, here at PMaps, we attempt to provide tailored solutions for every hiring concern of our clients. Further in this blog, we will briefly mention a few of our most in-demand pre-employment assessments.

PMaps Pre-Employment Assessments

Sales Assessments: A data-driven psychometric assessment helps organizations gauge sales candidates based on their relevant skills and abilities. It maps the suitability of the sales representative for the various frontline job roles such as channel sales, inside sales, and direct sales. PMaps Sales Assessments can filter the suitable sales candidates with an accuracy of 85%. Click here to know more.
Customer Service Assessment: It is a language-agnostic tool to evaluate the fitment of entry-level, mid-level, and expert customer service agents. It identifies the top talent who are well-versed with the skills required for the job of customer service.
Voice and Accent Assessment: It is a comprehensive language test tool that eliminates candidates who are not sufficiently proficient in their English usage. It ensures that the new-gen workforce of the client organization is employees with suitable and exceptional communication skills. Many of our clients who leveraged the PMaps Voice and Accent Assessment claimed a hiring accuracy of 85%. Click here to know more.

Unique Features of PMaps Pre-Hire Test

Versatile Compatibility
Global Validation
Compact Reports
Client-focused Customization


We know that choosing a suitable assessment tool can be troublesome. You can read through the blogs on websites to view the efficiency of the various pre-hire assessments in the realistic limelight. Get your hiring priorities set now and conquer the world of talent acquisition.

Featured Image Credit: Anna Tarazevich; Pexels; Thank you!

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