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November 21, 2023
PlayStation Store under fire: Sony to confront consumer lawsuit

A London tribunal has ruled that Sony must face a massive lawsuit, potentially worth up to £6.3 billion ($7.9 billion). According to Reuters, the lawsuit alleges that Sony Interactive Entertainment abused its dominant market position, leading to unfair pricing for millions of PlayStation users in the United Kingdom.

The case against Sony

Initiated last year, the lawsuit represents nearly nine million people in the UK who purchased digital games or add-on content through Sony’s PlayStation Store. Consumer advocate Alex Neill, known for her involvement in previous campaigns, is spearheading the case. She argues that Sony’s exclusive policy for buying and selling digital games and add-ons through the PlayStation Store, coupled with a 30% commission on developers, leads to higher consumer prices.

Tribunal’s ruling and Sony’s defense

Despite Sony’s lawyers labeling the case as fundamentally flawed and seeking its dismissal, the Competition Appeal Tribunal has permitted the lawsuit to continue. The tribunal, however, ruled out individuals who made PlayStation Store purchases post-2022 from the claimant class.

Implications for Playstation consumers

Neill hailed the tribunal’s decision as “the first step in ensuring consumers get back what they’re owed.” This ruling could set a precedent for how digital marketplaces operate and their impact on consumer pricing. As of now, Sony has not responded to requests for comment on the tribunal’s decision.

The outcome of this case could have significant implications for digital marketplaces and consumer rights, particularly in the gaming industry.

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