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November 23, 2023
Patriot Battery Metals (TSXV:PMET) Reports Preliminary Results from CV9 Pegmatite Drilling at Corvette Property in Quebec

Patriot Battery Metals (TSXV:PMET) recently reported significant findings from its inaugural drilling program at the CV9 Spodumene Pegmatite, part of its Corvette Property in Quebec’s Eeyou Istchee James Bay region. The company’s exploration efforts have generated positive results, particularly from drill hole CV23-345, which encountered approximately 100 meters of near-continuous spodumene-bearing pegmatite.

Darren L. Smith, Company Vice President of Exploration, commented in a press release: “This is a very strong start to the drill exploration at the CV9 Pegmatite. Although no core assays have been received yet, the presence of spodumene and the length of pegmatite encountered in multiple holes, highlighted by an approximate 100 m near-continuous spodumene-bearing hit in the final hole of the program, are very positive in terms of potential of this pegmatite to hold significant scale.

This discovery is one of several from the program, with three drill holes showing continuous pegmatite intersections exceeding 60 meters. The findings at CV9, located 14 kilometers west of the CV5 mineral resource, contribute to a better understanding of the pegmatite’s structure. Preliminary geological modeling suggests the CV9 Pegmatite significantly widens to at least 80 meters at certain points and remains open for exploration in multiple directions.

In total, 18 core holes, amounting to roughly 4,000 meters of NQ coring, were completed. The intervals of pegmatite, primarily spodumene-bearing, varied in length, with the longest being the 100-meter interval in CV23-345. Other notable intervals included 76 meters in drill hole CV23-315 and 70 meters in CV23-333.

The primary aim of the drill program at CV9 was to ascertain the geometry and orientation of the pegmatite system. The company employed a variety of drilling orientations from multiple locations, with results consistently improving as the program progressed. The last eight holes all yielded continuous core-length pegmatite intercepts of over 10 meters, including three intersections exceeding 60 meters.

The CV9 Pegmatite is currently interpreted as a single principal dyke with a steep northerly dip and a moderate east-southeast plunge. The strike length is approximately 450 meters, as defined by drilling and outcrop, and it remains open for further exploration. The variable width of the dyke and the significant thickening observed in places indicate similarities with the CV5 Pegmatite in terms of depth and scale.

Although core sample assays from the CV9 Pegmatite are still pending, the initial results are promising and suggest a potential for significant scale. The company plans to refine the geological model for CV9 upon receiving assays and will develop a follow-up drill program based on these initial successes.

The 2023 summer-fall program also included continued drill delineation of the CV5 and CV13 spodumene pegmatites. With over 140 drill holes completed, core sample assays, including those from the 18 holes at CV9, are expected in the first quarter of 2024.

The company is temporarily pausing drilling for the winter but plans to resume in early January with an increase in drilling activity. While core processing continues on site, the company awaits lab results, which will be reported in batches as they are received. Despite the promising nature of the pegmatite intervals, the company cautions against using visual estimates of mineral abundance as a proxy for laboratory analyses. These estimates do not provide detailed information about mineral concentrations, impurities, or other properties relevant to economic valuations.

Highlights from the results are as follows:

Drill hole CV23-345 hits approximately 100 m of near-continuous spodumene-bearing pegmatite at CV9.

Three (3) drill holes have returned continuous pegmatite intersections of 60+ m.

Patriot has defined a pegmatite strike length of approximately 450 m by drilling and outcrop at CV9, which remains open.

CV9 is located approximately 14 km west of the CV5 mineral resource.

Preliminary geological modelling indicates the CV9 Pegmatite significantly thickens to at least 80 m width at one location and remains open in multiple directions.

The magnitude of this variably mineralized pegmatite blow-out is significant, sharing similarities to those present at the CV5 Pegmatite in terms of depth and scale.

Eighteen (18) core holes (~4,000 m) have been completed in the inaugural drill program at the CV9 Pegmatite – sample assays are pending.

While it is early stage, the work done to date has resulted in an improvement in the understanding of the CV9 Pegmatite as the program went on, with a number of high priority targets now identified.

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