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January 28, 2024
Palworld’s latest patch may help those who can’t log in actually play, but it’s not fixed yet

After the large 1.3 Steam update for Palworld last week, some of the eight million plus players were still frustrated to find out that the infinite loading screen bug which had been plaguing the game for some, might actually have gotten worse.

To its credit, developer Pocketpair has pushed a small weekend update patch to begin to address the problem.

Palworld patch – 27th January

Posting on its Discord, the Palworld devs said, “A new update fixing infinite loading problem had been release, but not all the problems had been solved, please consider as easier to login.

“Reporting successful login will be very useful for us. On top of that please enjoy your gameplay as usual.

“We are still investigating other problem, and sorry for the inconvenience! thank you for the patient and happy to have your support!”

(please note the above is as posted and errors in language likely come from non-native language)

So it looks as though the patch may fend off some of the issues, but that it is being caused by multiple factors and the information gathered will help with the next phase of the solution. 

Weighing in at just 47MB it is definitely on the tiny side so would seem to be minor code tweaks and optimizations, but hopefully they will have a positive effect for at least some of the player base.

It is great to see the developers moving quickly to address issues of the unexpectedly mega-selling game. We know we have more content in the pipeline, but for now, at least we know Pocketpair is working through the major bugs seemingly seven days a week.

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