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March 11, 2024
OpenAI’s court filing counters Elon Musk’s lawsuit allegations


OpenAI has officially responded to Elon Musk’s legal actions with a sharp retort, describing the billionaire’s allegations as based on “convoluted — often incoherent — factual premises.” This statement, according to Bloomberg, came as part of a court filing in San Francisco in response to a lawsuit Musk filed against the AI research company, its CEO Sam Altman, and President Greg Brockman. Musk’s lawsuit claims that OpenAI has deviated from its original mission of developing responsible AI technology and accuses it of becoming excessively dependent on Microsoft Corp., its most substantial investor.

In a detailed blog post accompanied by emails sent by Musk to OpenAI employees, the company addressed these accusations head-on last week. One of the critical points of OpenAI’s legal defense is the assertion that Musk’s claims are unfounded due to the absence of a founding agreement or any formal agreement with Musk, contrary to what his complaint suggests.

“The relief Musk seeks is as extraordinary as his claims are contrived,” OpenAI stated in its court documents, as per Bloomberg. The filing further criticized Musk’s legal demands, including a significant reorganization of OpenAI and a redistribution of its technology based on a “fictitious contract” Musk alleges was breached.

Additionally, OpenAI’s response cautioned against the potential for Musk to exploit the legal discovery process to access sensitive proprietary information and technology belonging to OpenAI. The company emphasized the need for stringent oversight to ensure that any discovery demands from Musk would not compromise OpenAI’s intellectual property and operational secrets.

This legal battle unfolds against the backdrop of growing debates over the governance of artificial intelligence technology and its ethical implications. Musk, who was one of the co-founders of OpenAI before stepping back from active involvement, has been a vocal critic of the pace and direction of AI development, warning of the potential risks associated with unchecked advancements in AI technology.

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