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October 14, 2023
Nvidia raises prices for GeForce Now cloud gaming service

Nvidia’s GeForce Now, a popular cloud gaming service, will undergo a price increase, according to a report by 9to5Google. This move comes amid the growing demand for cloud gaming platforms and the continuous evolution of the gaming industry.

Understanding the price change

Starting Nov. 1, Nvidia will modify the pricing for its GeForce Now Priority membership, especially for customers transacting with CAD, GBP, EUR, SEK, NOK, DKK, CZK, and PLN. In Canada, the monthly subscription for this service, which was formerly $9.99, will escalate to $13.99. Those selecting the six-month package will see a hike from $49.99 to $69.99. The Ultimate tier isn’t exempt from this change either: one-month subscriptions will rise from $19.99 to $25.99, and six-month plans will leap from $99.99 to $139.99.

It’s worth noting that these changes won’t impact the “Founders for Life” members. Moreover, as of now, these price adjustments won’t affect subscribers in the U.S. or U.K.

Implications for gamers and the industry

The decision to adjust the pricing comes at a time when cloud gaming is witnessing a surge in popularity. Services like GeForce Now allow gamers to play high-end titles without the need for powerful hardware, making gaming more accessible to a broader audience. However, with increased server demands and the continuous push for better performance, companies are facing rising operational costs.

While some users might be taken aback by the sudden price increase, it’s essential to note that Nvidia has been consistently expanding its game library, enhancing server capacities, and improving the overall user experience. These enhancements, while beneficial to gamers, come at a cost, which could be a driving factor behind the revised pricing.

In the ever-adapting domain of cloud gaming, firms like Nvidia persistently aim to harmonize exceptional service delivery with sustainable profitability. Even if price modifications are integral to this evolution, the ultimate goal remains clear: to offer an unmatched gaming journey to a global audience.

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