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NIO completes 30 million global battery swaps, further proving the process’s viability

EV automaker NIO continues to be the only passenger vehicle manufacturer to demonstrate the true potential of battery swap stations. Earlier today, the company live streamed its 30 millionth battery swap, hitting a milestone for the nascent technology, but also providing further evidence of how quickly NIO’s battery swap process is catching on amongst EV drivers.

NIO ($NIO) remains a veteran EV automaker and one of the leading automotive technology brands in China. In addition to delivering a lineup of some of the most impressive electric vehicles on the planet, NIO has introduced adjacent technologies to the segment such as a mobile phone and battery swap stations.

Battery swaps were by no means invented by NIO, but the Chinese automaker has been the most prominent passenger vehicle developer in embracing the technology and has spent over half a decade trying to prove its benefits.

Automakers like Tesla explored battery swaps early on before quickly abandoning it due to its need for resources, grid dependency, and physical footprints, while other automakers in China and Europe continue to test the waters… but to a much smaller extent.

To date, battery swaps have found great success in the micromobilty segment around the world and are starting to pop up in the US to support rideshare EVs. During that time however, NIO has continued to grow and develop its network of battery swap stations, despite all the naysayers along the way.

As the automaker has expanded out of China and into Europe the past two years, it has stuck with its plan to include battery leases supported by swap station installations, while also considering licensing the technology to others on the continent.

To date, NIO has over 1,900 swap stations operating in China and Europe, offering a unique alternative to BEVs being sold by its competitors. While the technology may have seemed like more trouble than it was worth at first, NIO’s progress tells an entirely different tale that could soon enable swaps as a genuine option for global EV consumers when they order their next vehicle.

NIO proves battery swaps a viable option for EVs

Earlier today in China, a group of NIO employees gathered around a live stream of its battery swap tally as the unique recharging process reached 30 million swaps to date. A milestone in it of itself, but the time it took to get to this point truly encapsulates how successful adoption is becoming.

For example, it took NIO four years to reach 10 million swaps, then a mere nine months to double that figure. Since then, the automaker has reached the 30 million milestone in only six months. Just last week during the National Day holiday in China, NIO completed a record 78,233 battery swap services as local consumers have accepted the technology and its benefits.

According to the vice president of NIO Power, Shen Fei in a recent Weibo post by the automaker, battery swaps are superior solution for EVs for long-distance trips as the process is much more quick (9-10 minutes) than sitting at a charger.

Looking ahead, NIO intends to have at least 2,300 swap stations in operation in China by the end of 2023 – part of its goal to implement 1,000 new stations this year. As swaps continue to snowball in China, it will be interesting to see how quickly NIO can now hit the 40 million milestone, especially as it continues to grow its footprint in Europe.


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