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January 8, 2024
Nintendo PlayStation recreated by YouTuber with a soldering iron and some hot glue

Back in the day when the early console wars were just beginning, it is a largely well-known fact among retro gaming fans that Sony had teamed up with Nintendo for the original PlayStation. Nintendo pulled out at the last minute and jumped on board with Philips to create a CD console, leaving Sony to go its own way – and, well, that seemed to have worked out quite well.

A prototype on the ‘ Nintendo Playstation’ did exist however and sold at auction for $380,000 back in 2020 – it would likely fetch much more these days. Slightly beyond the reach of most gaming collectors so YouTuber James channel made it own – literally.

This is not a project anybody could do, experienced modder James took a hatchet to an old SNES and an old PlayStation to make his Frankenstein – but it works as you can see from the video below.

James first removed all the bits he needed from the PSX before working out a way to fit them into the Super Nintendo. Then he needed to figure out a way of getting the CD mechanism in – the SNES obviously has a cartridge slot – and the end result was pretty ingenious.

After many hours of modding, cutting, soldering, and hot-glueing James had a machine that looked like a SNES and played PlayStation games. Although it is unlikely it will fetch the $300k of the original.

You need a good degree of soldering skills to pull something like this off, and also a knowledge of what you are doing. Messing around with power supplies can be dangerous if you are poking your fingers around without any knowledge of what is going to hurt.

It is also bad form to ruin perfectly good retro gear, but if you have a couple of old machines lying around that are beyond repair, the novelty value may be worth it for you.

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