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XING Mobility is unveiling its groundbreaking Immersion Cooling technology for cooling batteries at CES 2024, signaling its strategic entry into the American market and attempting to deliver a more proficient approach to battery systems. According to the brand, “Immersion Cooling is a game-changing approach to battery thermal management.” XING Mobility’s approach involves immersing battery cells in a dielectric fluid engineered for optimal heat transfer. This ensures uniform and rapid cooling,

At CES 2024, ZING is showcasing “three global firsts” in battery systems, including the IMMERSIO Cell-to-Pack architecture with “gravitational energy density up to 200 Wh/kg,” the IMMERSIO XM25 Battery System which offers 25 kWh of power, and “unprecedented safety test results” for XING Mobility’s IMMERSIO battery pack at 100% State of Charge.

The company seeks partnerships with U.S. dealers to accelerate the adoption of its revolutionary battery system technology across various applications.

Trend Themes

1. Immersion Cooling Technology – XING Mobility unveils its groundbreaking Immersion Cooling technology for battery thermal management, offering a game-changing approach to cooling batteries.
2. Cell-to-pack Architecture – XING Mobility showcases its IMMERSIO Cell-to-Pack architecture with gravitational energy density up to 200 Wh/kg, revolutionizing the design of battery systems.
3. Revolutionary Battery System – XING Mobility presents its revolutionary IMMERSIO battery pack with unprecedented safety test results at 100% State of Charge, setting a new standard for battery technology.

Industry Implications

1. Electric Vehicle Manufacturing – XING Mobility’s Immersion Cooling technology and Cell-to-Pack architecture disrupt the electric vehicle manufacturing industry, offering more efficient and safer battery systems.
2. Renewable Energy Storage – XING Mobility’s innovative battery system technology revolutionizes the renewable energy storage industry, providing improved thermal management and energy density.
3. Consumer Electronics – XING Mobility’s Immersion Cooling technology has the potential to disrupt the consumer electronics industry by offering a game-changing approach to cooling batteries in portable devices.


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