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December 4, 2023
New WhatsApp feature will let updates be shared on Instagram

A new feature is currently being tested which will allow WhatsApp users to instantly share their status updates on Instagram.

As reported by the independent WhatsApp news site WABetoInfo, the update is initially going through the beta stage of development with the full roll-out anticipated soon.

Users can already share WhatsApp status updates to Facebook and given that all three social media, content-sharing platforms are owned by Meta, it is no surprise to hear of this latest option in the pipeline.

It means that a photo, video, gif, or text will appear on Instagram Stories for 24 hours if shared, but crucially user will be able to control who can see their content.

At present, a WhatsApp status can be shared in one of three categories: with all contacts, all contacts except selected individuals, or only selected individuals.

How to share WhatsApp updates on Instagram Stories

To further share the content ‘externally’, you can opt to add it to Facebook with this feature set to be further extended to include Instagram. Many people will already be aware that you can share Instagram posts to Facebook, with permission, in almost the same way.

Those who tend to use Facebook and Instagram to share the same content, and are also on WhatsApp, are likely to be drawn to the new feature which will save time with the added connectivity, as outlined by WABetoInfo:

“Integrating a feature to allow users to share status updates to Instagram can offer several advantages, with time-saving being a prominent one.”

“Allowing users to share their WhatsApp status updates directly to Instagram enhances the process of updating their status across multiple platforms.”

“Instead of having to create and post separate updates on WhatsApp and Instagram, users will be able to execute the action in a single step.”

From Meta’s perspective, the new update is likely to encourage users to aggregate and share their social content consistently across each of its platforms, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, but there will be resistance to this from users who use their various profiles differently.

For example, many younger users post image content to Instagram whilst WhatsApp is used as a means of private one-to-one direct contact, including the ubiquitous ‘group chat’ which has rapidly proliferated thanks to the app and similar messaging platforms.

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