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December 7, 2023
New app could soon bring FaceTime and blue bubbles to Android phones

A new app, Beeper Mini, could remove some of the final differences between Android and Apple smartphones.

The battle between Android and Apple users is as long-standing as the enmity between PC and console gamers. One of the key indicators of whether someone you know is using an Android phone is if you drop them a message from an iPhone. The telltale green bubble pops up, signposting that they’re not an iPhone and therefore can’t use iMessage.

Apps like WhatsApp have steadily grown over the years, meaning people on any smartphone can communicate via 4G and wifi, rather than SMS texts. However, Beeper Mini seeks to introduce blue bubbles to Android users, as well as plans to introduce Facetime to Andoird phones, Apple’s own video call tool.

How Beeper Mini works

First things first, it’s important to note Beeper Mini isn’t a free-to-use app. It’s currently $1.99 (around £1.50) per month.

Some users seem to love it, judging from reviews, while others point out on the Android store page reviews that it needs a few extra upgrades to make it worth the money.

Beeper chats are end-to-end encrypted so only you and the person/people you’re messaging can see what’s being sent. What’s more, because the app connects directly to Apple’s servers, Beeper doesn’t need to store your data (as it would if it relayed your messages for you, for example).

Indeed, the encryption appears to be safer than regular texts between Android and Apple texts, which don’t benefit from the same level of privacy. Ultimately, if those green bubbles are still creating a boundary between you and your iPhone-using friends, or you want a more secure, WhatsApp-free to text between iPhones and Androids, it might be worth the monthly fee.

Down the line, you’ll also be able to use Facetime, as promised in a full product roadmap recently published by Beeper.

Featured image: Pexels

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