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December 14, 2023
Netflix working on 90 new games including Squid Game

Streaming giant Netflix continues to make headway into the gaming space with 86 games available to subscribers by the end of this year.

A blog post announced that 40 of those games will have arrived this year, including the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy. and that with nearly 90 more games in development, the company is “just getting started”.

The post goes on to highlight Cosy Grove: Camp Spirit, FashionVerse, Game Dev Tycoon, and Sonic Mania Plus as its four biggest titles on the horizon.

The main issue Netflix has had to deal with is the ability to play all the games on mobile devices but the company now says it has, “Taken the first step towards our long-term vision to make games playable on every device by rolling out a test for games on TV and computers in the US, UK and Canada. We’ll continue to roll this experience out to other countries and add new games to test as we go. 

More games coming soon to Netflix

The blog provides a short list of some of the other titles we can expect in the near future. These games are:

Braid, Anniversary Edition (April 30)
Chicken Run: Eggstraction
The Dragon Prince: Xadia
Dumb Ways to Survive
Harmonium: The Musical 
Katana Zero
Money Heist: Ultimate Choice (Jan 4)
Monument Valley 1 & 2 
Netflix Stories: Virgin River
Paper Trail
The Rise Of The Golden Idol 

Of those, Braid, Hades, and Monument Valley 1 and 2 stand out as definitely being worth a download.

Squid Game continues to be a phenomenon, with the success of the show, and now the reality TV competition based on it doing so well. Not much is given away by Netflix on the project right now, but the post does conclude with the line, “A game set in the universe of Squid Game, in which you can compete with other players in games from the hit series.”

Season 2 of the reality TV version has just been ordered, as confirmed by Brandon Rigg, Netflix VP of nonfiction, who predictably said, “There was no red light in our decision to greenlight season two of Squid Game: The Challenge, the most ambitious unscripted show we’ve premiered at Netflix.”

The company also stated earlier this month its intention to move into the live sports streaming market.

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