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MultiVersus adds The Matrix and Friday the 13th villains to roster for May 28 release


After some time away, MutliVersus is back on the menu when May 28 arrives, and the roster has been revamped to add a little more spice to the fight. There have already been a couple of announced characters that’ll give you a few laughs – The Joker and Banana Guard – but WB Games has gone one step further and announced two more challengers.

These two new characters are from incredibly popular franchises, just like the rest of the selection – The Matrix and Friday the 13th.

Sadly, the pick from The Matrix isn’t Neo himself but instead, it is his arch-nemesis Agent Smith. His introduction came with the classic neck-crack, however, sadly there was no insight on what moves he has.

As for Friday the 13th, as if it could be anyone else other than Jason Voorhees himself. Again it was a very short look at the villain, but what you can see is that he will be utilizing his machete as a beat down tool.

This brief look is from the latest “Stars Collide. Pies Fly.” trailer for MultiVersus, where both new and returning fighters share a few pleasantries before showing off some of their skills. It culminates with Joker sitting on the Iron Throne (from Game of Thrones), introducing his two aforementioned cronies and cutting to the end screen before we are able to get a look at four other characters he is summoning to his aid.

With the two new additions, this will bring the total number of playable fighters to 25 which is a pretty solid number and will allow for a little more variety to that of when the initial beta launched.

Moreover, since it appeared like The Joker was bringing four more potential villains into the fight, this could bring the tally to a whopping 29, with likely more to come if the rumors are true.

While this pales in comparison to the likes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, since this is the game’s full launch and updates on the horizon in the future, this number will definitely grow. Before you know it, there could be 50 Warner Bros. franchise brawlers facing off against each other, and you’ll be able to get practice in on each with the new PvE mode.

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