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January 23, 2024
More Fortnite skins leaked as new Family Guy and TMNT coming to Battle Royale

The arrival of Peter Griffin from Family Guy and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Fortnite has been such a success we are now getting leaks about further Family Guy stars and characters from the Turtles universe being added to the game.

The first leak is via everybody’s favorite Fortnite leaker on X, HypeX posted that “More Fortnite x Family Guy skins arrive soon.”

Meanwhile, iFireMonkey has just posted a video on YouTube that you can see below which shows an amazing Shredder skin that is sure to be a massive hit in-game with comments on Reddit saying it is one of the best iterations of Shredder ever.

Now hopefully we will get some of the other Turtle baddies like Rocksteady and Bebop as well as the man himself Splinter.

As for Family Guy, it would be great to see Brian and Stewie next and we would kill for Quagmire, but it may be that we just get one skin at a time, like we did with Peter as the releases are drip-fed throughout the chapter.

Metal Gear Solid’s Snake also joins the party this time around bringing the legendary video game character into a game that is very much the opposite of the stealth ‘em-ups that he used to grace.

In Lego Fortnite news, rapper and original “live” Fortnite performer Travis Scott may be getting a Lego Fortnite minifig according to other rumors. The original Scott skin was available way back in April 2020 as the pandemic started and was a monumental hit as gamers were locked down the world over playing Fortnite.

Leaving the Item Shop on February 22nd will be all The Weeknd content, so if you are a massive fan your time is running out to pick that up before it disappears, possibly forever.

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