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August 21, 2023
Mirasol Resources (TSXV:MRZ) Reports That Preliminary Drilling at Sobek Copper-Gold Project Yields Inconclusive Results

Figure 1: High-Profile Vicuña Copper-Gold-Silver District Regional Map. Source: Mirasol Resources

Mirasol Resources (TSXV:MRZ) announced inconclusive results from their preliminary drill program at their wholly-owned Sobek Copper-Gold Project located in the Vicuña District of Chile. The drilling was halted before reaching the desired targets due to early winter weather in the high Andes.

This drill program began late in the drilling season following the completion of road construction which facilitated drill rig access. The drilling will continue and targets will be tested again in the fourth quarter of 2023. The Sobek Project was of interest to Mirasol because of its promising local geology. Notably, it is situated near the 2021 discovery of the high-grade feeder zone at the Filo del Sol gold-copper deposit and NGEx Minerals discovery at Lunahuasi.

Mirasol’s President, Tim Heenan, commented in a press release: “Mirasol is the only junior exploration company actively drilling in the middle of the high-profile Vicuña Copper-Gold district in northeast Chile where extraordinary discoveries continue to be made. In the interest of safety, our maiden drill campaign was suspended due to the onset of winter weather before we could adequately test our first targets. However, these early results have provided some important structural data which will help to refine our drill plans. We have only just started to scratch the surface at Sobek and high-priority targets of massive scale remain to be drill tested. We are excited to resume drilling in just a couple of months as soon as the weather allows for access.”

Sobek Central Details

Figure 2: Sobek Central – Large Mobile MT Anomalies and Refined Drill Targeting. Source: Mirasol Resources

The Sobek Central’s initial two drill holes sought to test high-priority targets. However, the drilling was inconclusive. Drill hole SB-DDH-001, which intended to explore the source of surface soil grid anomalies around the Central Breccia Zone, was stopped at a depth of 352m due to a structural fault zone. Similarly, for safety concerns, drilling of hole SB-DDH-002 was halted at 586m without hitting its target. The drilling strategy will be reassessed based on these initial outcomes.

Construction of the drill access road is set to recommence in Q4 2023, ensuring better access to all Sobek Central targets.

Exploration of VN-Zone and Other Sites

Figure 3: Drill Targeting Compelling Mobile MT Anomalies at Sobek Central VN Zone and Sobek North. Source: Mirasol Resources

Late-season prospecting revealed high gold grades in the VN-Zone. Promising samples displayed results up to 5.0 g/t gold and 2,200 ppm copper. Plans are underway to evaluate the best locations and orientations for drilling this significant anomaly.

Additionally, a new mineral occurrence was identified near the VN-Zone, known as the VN-Zone North, yielding promising gold results. Exploration is also planned for the Sobek North Block, specifically the El Potro Zone.

Mirasol Resources anticipates resuming their maiden drill campaign in the fourth quarter of 2023, with an additional 3,400m of drilling scheduled to further explore priority targets at Sobek Central and Sobek North.

Highlights from the results are as follows:

Sobek is located 7 km directly west of Filo Mining’s Filo del Sol Project and 3 km from NGEx´s new discovery at Lunahuasi
Initial drill campaign cut short with only two targets partially tested, both require follow-up drilling
Several compelling high-priority drill targets remain to be tested outlined by the Airborne Mobile MT survey coincident with geochemical anomalies and select high-grade surface samples
Drill program to resume in early October when spring weather returns
Planning for 3,400 meters of drilling distributed between Sobek Central and Sobek North (El Potro)




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