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January 31, 2024
Microsoft Edge steals your data from Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge is increasingly aggressively snatching your open tabs from Google Chrome in an attempt to get you to switch. The new Microsoft Edge has shown to be a good browser since its release in 2020, but Microsoft has never stopped aggressively pushing Edge over competing browsers, mainly Chrome. Google and Microsoft have been at odds over this matter for years; Microsoft even temporarily hid the Windows 11 default browser’s options.

The Verge reported that after updating a Windows computer, Microsoft Edge would instantly launch and display every tab open in Google Chrome on the same device. Even though Edge has never requested to sync data with Chrome and hasn’t been utilized on that computer. The same thing occurred on another machine after an upgrade and a system restore. Another strategy Microsoft is using, which is starting to receive notice this week, is to have Edge copy all of your open tabs from Google Chrome so you may resume where you left off if you end yourself in Edge.

Transferring data from Chrome to Edge each time browser is used

With the most recent Windows upgrades, Microsoft appears to be making greater use of an already-existing feature that transfers data from Chrome to Edge each time the browser is used.

Users of Microsoft Edge can “import browser data on each launch.” Although users can disable the feature through Edge’s settings (edge://settings/profiles/importBrowsingData), Microsoft is now forcing users to enable it following Windows updates.

this post bothered me for days so I reinstalled Windows ++ confirmed that there’s an obscure setting to sync Chrome data into Edge (+ it’s shared to MSFT if you’re signed-in & sync your browsing data) — to turn it off, open Edge then: edge://settings/profiles/importBrowsingData

— Zach Edwards (@thezedwards) January 26, 2024

Zach Edwards on Twitter/X found that, during post-update setup, Windows has added a new option turned on by default, which is described as saying: “With your confirmation, Microsoft Edge will regularly bring in data from other browsers available on your Windows device. This data includes your favorites, browsing history, cookies, autofill data, extensions, settings, and other browsing data.”

After giving customers a brief explanation on how to disable this, Microsoft prompts them to approve the behavior and provides a “Not Now” option on a different screen. Some users have observed that Edge continues to import Chrome data each time it launches — even when this import setting is turned off. Although many people have noticed this behavior, Microsoft has not responded to requests for information or to comment.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Neon Joi; Pexels

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