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Microsoft Build 2024 – What to expect from the three-day conference


What to expect at Microsoft Build 2024? More artificial intelligence (AI).

Following on from Google’s recent I/O developer conference which predictably had an AI theme running through it, Microsoft will continue the trend with Copilot set to dominate.

Here is all you need to know and what to expect from Microsoft Build 2024.

What is Microsoft Build?

Microsoft Build is the US tech giant’s annual developer conference, which first took place in 2011. 

The three-day event features speeches, demonstrations, and information sessions from keynote individuals including company executives and industry experts, tailored toward developers and software engineers. 

Most of the expectation from outsiders involves keynote speeches, as that is when product announcements and launches are typically presented.

The tech showcase event commences on Tuesday (May 21) through to Thursday at the Seattle Convention Centre

What’s new this year?

Microsoft Copilot is expected to be a headline feature of this year’s event, following on from the previous conference when it was revealed as the new AI assistant.

We should learn a thing or two about further developments and updates to Copilot, given the overall industry focus on AI at present. There should also be new details presented on increased integration with Windows 11.

Another key feature will be the ChatGPT-power Bing Chat which launched last year, while there could be news on the latest Surface hardware.

Schedule of highlights for Microsoft Build 2024?

Day 1 – Tuesday

0830 PT/1130 ET – Pre-show and Imagine Cup World Championship.
0900 PT/1200 ET – Keynote presentations from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, CTO Kevin Scott, and Executive VP of Experiences and Devices, Rajesh Jha.

The speeches are expected to last around two hours with a focus on how AI can “transform how developers work” and “drive business productivity across industries”.

Day 2

0830 PT/1130 ET – Keynote delivery from Scott Guthrie, Executive VP of Cloud and AI, as well as contributions from several members of Microsoft’s leadership team.

The theme will be using Microsoft Cloud to “build the secure and responsible AI solutions of the future”.

Day 3

0830 PT/1130 ET to 1700 PT/2000 ET – Final live stream of breakout sessions, with over 480 meetings planned across the three-day conference. 251 sessions will be available online with many more recorded for later playback.

How to watch Microsoft Build 2024?

The full three-day session can be viewed on the official Microsoft Developer YouTube channel (as below) or you can watch the events on the Microsoft Build website, but the latter requires registration for a free account.

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