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February 12, 2024
Meta’s Threads app to feature political discussions in new Today’s Topics test


Meta is introducing a new feature called “Today’s Topics” on its Threads app, aiming to highlight current discussions that are capturing the attention of its user base. Announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this initiative is set to begin with a small-scale test in the United States. It represents Meta’s latest effort to foster meaningful engagement and keep its community informed about trending conversations.

According to TechCrunch, the “Today’s Topics” feature is powered by Meta’s AI systems, which identify popular discussions by analyzing user interactions and the volume of conversation around specific subjects. This algorithmic approach ensures the topics presented are both relevant and timely, mirroring the collective interests of Threads users.

To uphold the integrity and relevance of the topics featured, Meta has enlisted a team of content specialists. Their role is to ensure that all topics comply with the platform’s Community Guidelines and other integrity policies, while also removing duplicates and filtering out misleading or nonsensical topics. Users play a crucial role in maintaining content quality, as they are encouraged to flag any topic that might breach the platform’s guidelines.

Navigating political content on Threads

Despite Meta’s recent declaration to scale back on recommending political content across its platforms, “Today’s Topics” will not exclude discussions on political themes. Meta clarified that political subjects could indeed emerge as topics of interest, as long as they do not contravene the platform’s Community Guidelines or integrity policies. This stance highlights Meta’s commitment to offering a broad spectrum of timely and relevant discussions, without tailoring recommendations to individual users.

The launch of “Today’s Topics” could enhance Threads’ appeal as a dynamic platform for real-time conversations and debates, potentially positioning it as a stronger competitor to X (formerly Twitter). The degree of human curation versus algorithmic selection in managing these topics is yet to be fully disclosed, leaving room for speculation on how Meta will balance editorial oversight with automated processes.

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