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November 29, 2023
Meta halts Elite Strap with Battery shipments for Quest 3 amid charging issues

Meta has temporarily stopped shipping its Elite Strap with Battery for Quest 3 following numerous user complaints about a charging fault. This issue, as per Road to VR reporting, renders the battery ineffective and the strap a mere counterweight.

Earlier this month, reports surfaced about the Elite Strap with Battery’s reliability issues. Priced at $130, this accessory is designed to provide an additional two hours of playtime and enhanced ergonomics compared to the standard strap. However, users found that it failed to charge the Quest 3 headset after a certain period.

Meta Support initially indicated that replacing the faulty units might not resolve the problem, suggesting a potential hardware or firmware issue. A Meta spokesperson confirmed to Road to VR that the pause in sales is due to a firmware-related defect. The company is currently manufacturing new straps without this fault.

Meta is not recalling the device but is instead handling replacements on a case-by-case basis. They are also working with retail partners to restock the new, fault-free units as soon as possible. Major retailers such as Target and Best Buy have temporarily removed the product listings in the interim, while Amazon and Meta’s own website mark it as “out of stock.”

This isn’t the first time Meta has encountered manufacturing issues with its Elite Strap line. The original release for Quest 2 in 2020, including both the Elite Strap and Elite Strap with Battery, faced problems due to design flaws leading to the spontaneous cracking of the device’s plastic struts. Meta had to extend the warranty for these products after resuming sales post a similar pause.

Advice for Quest 3 consumers

For those who have purchased the Elite Strap with Battery for Quest 3, Meta advises contacting their support for troubleshooting or replacement. In the U.S., consumers have a one-year warranty, while in the EU, the warranty extends to two years. It’s important to note that while many users have reported the fault, others have not experienced any issues, indicating the problem might not affect all units.

Meta is actively working to resolve this issue and ensure the reliability of its products, and advises customers to stay informed about the availability of the new, improved straps and to reach out for support if they encounter any problems with their current units.

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