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December 5, 2023
Meta and IBM create open-source AI Alliance

Meta and International Business Machines (IBM) are headlining a collaboration of more than 50 companies and groups to create an industry body working together on open-source artificial intelligence (AI) and combating risk issues.

The working partnership will share information and learning to safeguard the responsible development of AI and all its related advances.

A press release on Tuesday confirmed that the group would be known as the AI Alliance, comprising various organizations such as AMD, Cerebras, Dell Technologies, Imperial College London, Intel, and Oracle.

On what this initiative wants to achieve, it was stated:

“The AI Alliance is action-oriented and decidedly international, designed to create opportunities everywhere through a diverse range of institutions that can shape the evolution of AI in ways that better reflect the needs and the complexity of our societies.

“The AI Alliance is focused on fostering an open community and enabling developers and researchers to accelerate responsible innovation in AI while ensuring scientific rigor, trust, safety, security, diversity and economic competitiveness.”

An alternative approach to ChatGPT

Crucially, the AI Alliance has championed its open-source model and intent for full collaboration across its many participants.

With OpenAI’s ChatGPT striding ahead on Generative AI, their models as well as some others are based on closed, or proprietary systems that require companies to pay for their access and use.

Conversely, the AI Alliance is a response and an alternative approach to this way of working.

Many of the alliance’s members have their own products but are struggling to keep up with the advances and greater resources of the likes of OpenAI, which has Microsoft as its investment partner.

“Frankly, we’ve been a little bit unsatisfied with the overall debate and the discussions on AI over the last year,” said Darío Gil, senior vice president at IBM and director of IBM Research.

“We did not feel that it reflected the diversity of the ecosystem that is making this AI moment possible,”

AI Alliance wants to work on six key priority areas as it aims to get the venture off the ground and thrive in the highly competitive and rapidly advancing artificial intelligence space.

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