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January 3, 2024
Meet the creepy AI head aiming to give ChatGPT a face

Using AI chatbots has become a lot more personal with the release of a new, albeit creepy-looking, AI head.

The company behind the product, WeHead, has repackaged what had initially intended to be a spatial video device that allows 3D video calls into something that gives AI chatbots a more human touch.

The AI head, which sits on your desk, is made up of four displays and mimics a real person who you can interact with and ask questions. WeHead says it can be used as an educator, caregiver, AI companion, personalized news host, and digital clones of celebrities and people you love. They say, “WeHead GPT has embodied LLM that helps you with brainstorming, decision making and self-reflection”

This latest invention does little to allay fears that AI is on an unstoppable journey toward replacing humans, although the demo below shows that this advancement in AI-related tech is still very much in its early stages.

However, with the rate at which AI is advancing in the real world, there’s very little reason to believe this is where this level of tech ends. With the more recent introduction of custom GPTs, an AI head has the potential to become anything a human wants it to be with the right prompts.

How much does it cost?

Anyone interested in taking their AI chatbot experience to the next, more personal, level will also have to pay handsomely for the privilege. It costs $4,950 to own outright and $199 a month to rent.

The Silicon Valley firm is also offering the product out to businesses and developers to test as ‘early adopters.’ These testing programs involve having the WeHead for three months at no cost, although they do admit they will collect audio and video data of interactions during that time. The product’s designers promise that data is protected and “will not be used to advertise or promote WeHead to the general public.”

Featured Image: WeHead

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