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December 1, 2023
Logifuture and iGaming Platform forge partnership for global gaming expansion

Logifuture has announced a strategic partnership with iGaming Platform, as per a recent Gambling Insider report — a move set to expand their reach and enhance their offerings in various global markets.

iGaming Platform, known for its extensive network, has collaborated with over 100 game providers and more than 40 casinos, bringing about 9,000 games to the market. This partnership will see Logifuture’s diverse game portfolio, including popular titles like Take the Shot, Speedy Snails, Fortune Reef, and Spin & Win, as well as innovative virtual games like Zoom Soccer and Simulate, being integrated into iGaming Platform’s expansive distribution network.

Julia Uskova, Business Development Manager at iGaming Platform, emphasized the importance of building relationships in business, specifically with Logifuture. “Together, we’re not just chasing success; we’re creating a journey that reflects our mutual passion and dedication,” she said. Uskova highlighted Logifuture’s innovative approach as a perfect complement to iGaming Platform’s continuous drive for improvement.

The partnership is particularly significant for emerging markets, where Logifuture has established expertise, especially in African and Latin American regions. Tero Vienonen, Head of Commercial at Logifuture, expressed excitement about the collaboration. “This collaboration represents a powerful union of understanding specific market needs, and we are confident that it will elevate the standards of user engagement and player retention,” he stated.

Beyond gaming: A comprehensive approach

Logifuture’s expertise extends beyond game development. The company also offers solutions in fraud management, payments, marketing analytics, and sportsbooks. This comprehensive approach, combined with iGaming Platform’s vast network and reputable service, marks a milestone in the iGaming sector.

As the partnership unfolds, both entities are poised to unlock new possibilities and set new industry standards. The collaboration aligns Logifuture’s innovative gaming solutions with iGaming Platform’s extensive market reach, promising fresh global gaming experiences.

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