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September 17, 2023
Lithium Battery Maker Announces Expansion in Tualatin

QPO Energy, a lithium battery maker based in Tualitin, announced plans this week to expand its Tualatin operation and relocate an inverter factory from China to Oregon.

A press release from Greater Portland Inc. does not offer a timeline for the expansion, and Oregon Business was not able to reach either QPO or GPI for comment.

In the release, Greater Portland Inc., QPO CEO Joseph Lu told Monique GPI’s Monique Claiborne the expansion was made possible by incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act and support from private investment firms as well as support from Taiwan’s Yulon Group.

It isn’t clear how many Oregonians the company —which was founded in 2020 — currently employs, nor how many Oregon jobs the expansion will create. but Lu told Claiborne the expansion will allow the company’s workforce to grow to 400 people.

Per QPO’s website, the company’s product line includes semi-truck batteries, battery modules and packs and PCS inverters.

According to data the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Oregon’s renewable energy consumption as a share of the state’s total was 51% in 2022. In the release, Lu said Oregon has “logistical advantages,” with its location, ports and transportation network providing access to key markets in North America, China and Japan.

Lu also noted that Oregon provides grants of up to $50,000, through the Governor’s Strategic Reserve Fund, to organizations who plan to apply for federal Inflation Reduction Act funds. The Strategic Reserve Fund is dedicated to supporting private sector Oregon climate tech, renewable energy, and advanced manufacturing companies.

“I anticipate more businesses will follow in QPO’s footsteps and explore the remarkable opportunities that Greater Portland, Oregon has to offer,” Lu said in the release. “From its dynamic business landscape to its unmatched quality of life, Oregon stands ready to welcome visionary enterprises and partner in their journey towards success.”


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