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January 16, 2024
Lightning: one-click tool transforms prototypes

Singapore-based frontend development platform Locofy launched a groundbreaking one-click tool called Lightning. This innovative solution converts Figma and AdobeXD prototypes into code seamlessly. Co-created by Honey Mittal and Sohaib Muhammed, the tool is built on the startup’s Large Design Models (LDMs) and draws inspiration from OpenAI’s cutting-edge work in LLMs and ChatGPT. By streamlining the traditionally tedious process of transforming design prototypes into functional code, Lightning frees up developers to focus on more critical aspects of their projects.

Established in 2021, Locofy has successfully raised $7.5 million from prominent investors such as Accel and Northstar Ventures. The funds acquired will expand operations, enhance product development, and strengthen the startup’s market presence. Locofy aims to further revolutionize the industry by offering innovative solutions and fostering meaningful collaborations with key stakeholders.

Compatibility with major design platforms

Initially introduced as a Figma plugin, Lightning will soon be available on other design platforms like AdobeXD, Penpot, Sketch, Wix, Canva, and Notion. This expansion is part of Locofy’s plan to become an indispensable tool for startups and enterprises, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity across the industry. By supporting multiple design platforms, Lightning aims to help smaller teams expedite their frontend development processes, revolutionizing how small companies approach frontend development.

Five-step process: AI and heuristics at its core

Lightning’s state-of-the-art tool consists of five main steps: tagging, layer grouping, responsiveness, components, and class names. These steps integrate AI-based techniques and heuristics, ensuring seamless operation and optimizing the design-to-code process. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and advanced heuristics, the tool automates tedious tasks and significantly enhances the overall design output quality.

While pricing structures are still under consideration, Locofy’s fees will depend on factors such as the number of screens or components converted to code and the frequency of AI maintenance. This flexibility in pricing allows businesses of all sizes to access and utilize Locofy’s services according to their unique needs and budgets. The adaptive cost model enables clients to scale their platform usage as their projects evolve.

Featured Image Credit: Johannes Plenio; Pexels

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