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December 4, 2023
Lego Fortnite brings its bricks to the Battle Royale

Lego is not shy when it comes to collaborations with other brands and this latest hook-up with Epic Games and Fortnite is now almost with us.

Lego has today launched a website for the new Lego Fortnite, and while it doesn’t exactly say much about what we can expect, it still drums up some feelings of excitement in us.

Many people expected the brickified version of Fortnite to merely be a mode within the existing game, but it looks like we are getting a standalone offering. There is a distinct lack of information out there currently, other than that the game will be available to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows on Epic Games Store on Thursday (December 7th), but we know Fortnite pretty well by now, so we possibly don’t need any further pointers in regards to gameplay.

As you will see from the trailer above we look set to get Fortnite with Lego bricks – this could bring with it a huge world of building possibilities, and the characters look super cute when turned into Lego minifigs.

Whether it will also open up a new world of microtransactions remains to be seen – the safe money is on of course it will, but the opportunity to tone some of the violence of Fortnite down into a kid’s version and having characters merely break apart as in Lego Star Wars and the likes will be appealing to Epic Games.

With the phenomenal success of Fortnite, which last weekend launched its Season 5 Chapter 1 with a host of new skins including Family Guy’s Peter Griffin and MGS’ Solid Snake, this latest branch of the gaming phenomenon has the opportunity to bring the franchise to a totally new audience and reignite interest with former players.#

How to get Lego skin in Fortnite

If you want to play as a Lego character in Fortnite right now, you can create yourself a Lego account and pair it with your Epic Games log-in in and voila, it will be yours immediately. Follow the steps below.
Sign up for Lego Insiders
Link your Epic Games and Lego accounts in the options
Start Fortnite

We will be checking out Lego Fortnite when it launches and bringing all the news on what it brings us and how it differs from mainline Fortnite so you can make a decision as to whether it is for you or not.

Featured Image: Lego

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